Week 8 – “And Yet”

This chapter gives an explanation on how it is important to make our writing clear, as the reader need to understand the different points of view.

Also to get the correct habits of using the voice markers, the transition words and the quotation marks to keep our writing easy to follow and avoid any confusion of the reader.

Gerald Graff – Cathy Birkenstein. They Say , I Say . “And Yet”  p68


Forgiveness The Best Revenge

Forgiveness the Best Revenge

Two strong and contradictory words in the same sentence “Forgiveness” and “Revenge”. Even though, after several discussions with friends, many did agree that those two words can be combinable in some ways.

One of my friends said a story about this concept, in fact she did read a book of a woman that has been rapt and brutalised by a man. Thanks to her plea and complaint, the man did end up in prison.

Although she wrote this book where at the end of it, she says that ‘Justice did not gave her peace but Forgiveness did’.

Indeed I think that a perfect example of Forgiveness.

From a Christian point’s of view, Forgiveness make you a better and, in some how, stronger person. Surely it requires a lot of the person that has been hurt to accept and face the harm that has been done.

Therefore Forgiveness is a way to move on, to forget and to live a good, positive and happy life.

Week 6 – “So What? Who Cares?”

Those question would need to be answered in writing in order to get the importance of what you are trying to say to the reader.

So What ? by answering this question, you are trying to prove your claims, make clear of the consequences, and also to get the attention of the reader on the importance of your claims.

Who cares ? by answering this question you are identifying a person or a group that think the same of you and cares about your claims.

In other words, those questions are very important to help the reader to understand your concern, to follow it and to agree on it.

Gerald Graff – Cathy Birkenstein ” They say, I say” ‘So What? Who Cares’ p 92


Goldilocks sees three bowls of porridge on the table assuming that there are all the same taste. So she decides to try the first one and found a bit too hot, then she decides to try the second one and found a bit too cold, finally she tries the last one which was the smallest bowl and found it perfect. For instance some parents do not read those kind of stories anymore to theirs children, assuming that there are not of actuality.

As the fairy story continues, some others readers argued that certain parents are neglecting the benefits to their kid by reading this kind of stories even if they might be considered too old and not relevant to the new society. Ultimately, we all know that the fairy tales are beautifully made to teach the good manners to  the children and to expand their imagination.

Week 5 – “As a Result”

How to connect your sentences ?? The responses are by using ‘transitions words’, by adding ‘pointing words’, by ‘repeating yourself differently’ and by ‘developping more text with more explanation’.

In this chapter of the book “They say, I say”, one very interesting tip is given at the end where it explains that the trick “… is not to avoid repeating yourself but to repeat yourself in varied and interesting enough ways..”.

Geradld Graff – Cathy Birkenstein “They say, I say”  “As a Result” p118

Week 4 – “Ain’t So / Is Not”

I am a bit late on my comments .. 😦

On that day, we talk about the chapter “Ain’t So / Is Not”, this reading shows that academic writing does not have to be always formal. In fact, you can use your own words, also it can be “relaxed, easy to follow and a bit fun” as it is stated in this chapter of the book.

Indeed, different type of writings can be mixed, for example, your everyday words or expressions can be used to give a more realistic point of view.

In other words, when you write a text in academic writing and depending on your audience, it does not have to be all very formal.

Week 3 – The Art of Metacommentary.

Little Red Riding Hood arrived at grandmother’s house. And then, she knocked on the main door but surprisingly no one was answering. So she decided to penetrate her grandmother’s house from the door of the backward. Anxiously and very carefully, she opened and entered. In other words, she felt that something was really unusual, considering that her lovely grandmother can always feel her arriving miles away. Finally, once in the house she started to look with grand prudence for her missing grandmother… And the story can continues as we all know or at our own imagination. Some readers may object that as The Little Red Ridding Hood is a very popular story but it can be used with alternative ways depending on the writer. My conclusion is that Metacommentary is definitely a helpful way to develop and generate more text.

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