Forgiveness The Best Revenge

Forgiveness the Best Revenge

Two strong and contradictory words in the same sentence “Forgiveness” and “Revenge”. Even though, after several discussions with friends, many did agree that those two words can be combinable in some ways.

One of my friends said a story about this concept, in fact she did read a book of a woman that has been rapt and brutalised by a man. Thanks to her plea and complaint, the man did end up in prison.

Although she wrote this book where at the end of it, she says that ‘Justice did not gave her peace but Forgiveness did’.

Indeed I think that a perfect example of Forgiveness.

From a Christian point’s of view, Forgiveness make you a better and, in some how, stronger person. Surely it requires a lot of the person that has been hurt to accept and face the harm that has been done.

Therefore Forgiveness is a way to move on, to forget and to live a good, positive and happy life.


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