“They say, I say”

Waouu!! “They say, I say” The moves that matter in Academic Writing, I have to say that I don’t read a lot of books (particularly in English) but this has to change for my own benefit and personal interest to progress.

This book is very interesting, it actually teach you how to write and understand texts. Also the purpose of this book is obviously to explain in simple writing the “Basic Moves” (for example, the correct transition words..) by showing them very clearly and representing them in form of templates.

This book, with all this templates is an eye opener on how to put into writing our thoughts and opinions. This is what I call great and really helpful .


First week in class !!

Amazing ..!! this first week took me back to nearly 10 years ago, when i started university in my native country France. A lot different though, new studies in my new adopted language, new multi culture environment, new challenge that I am looking forward to. This is a beginning of a dream that has started years ago and need to see an end…

Inception The movie


I went last week to the cinema, we watched the movie Inception with Leonardo Dicaprio. I was not dissappointed!!! This movie shows a new idea, the story is very innovative and thrilling. We all know that Technology in our days keep growing very fast, which is a little bit scary. Inception shows the audience a new idea of how, with new technology, can permit to enter the human mind through a dream. I really like it !! the ending leave us at our own imagination and open for any debate. I will recommend to anyone ..

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